Yoga Helps To Overcome Your Fear And Build Self-Confidence

Read meaningful lines by Sadhguru, fear is simply because you’re not living with life, but living in your mind. The fear or anxiety is always about non-existential things and imaginary scenarios. Fear of anything hampers the mental state if it continues to breed on you and acts as the biggest obstacle to a happy and fulfilling life.

Fear can drown your confidence and dreams, but to safeguard them both, the ancient practice of yoga supports you to root yourself into reality and boost confidence overcoming fear.

Yoga is not just a practice of the body, but guides the mind and mends the emotions for complete wellbeing. Understand the intricacies of fear and release yourself from its clutch, giving rise to self-confidence. Join Yoga Teacher Training in India for knowing detailed information about Yoga Poses and how can you get benefitted by them. Yoga helps to over come of fear and build self confidence which helps to get success in life.

Yoga to Overcome Fear

There is a misconception about a belief that those who practice courage never feel fear or get afraid. Fear is a feeling, and we all have faced it at one or the other point. This unpleasant emotion, fear cause change in metabolic and organ functioning that ultimately bring change in the behavior.

The ancient practice of yoga helps in certain ways, as the healing science can cultivate the ability to be reactive and rather tap into a progressively courageous condition of being. With the asanas, breathing technique, and third eye chakra, ignite courage, overcome fear, and build self-confidence.

  • Breathe the Fear Away

Use the tool of mindful breathing which is like a tonic for the nerves to soothe and calm them. Use the two amazing breathing techniques – Calming Breathing (Shitkari Pranayama) and Skull Shining Breathing (Kapalbhati Pranayama).

Calming Breathing technique is easy to practice at intervals throughout the day. The technique is able to set a foundation for courage and confidence to build and grow. You need to practice it for at least ten breathes for effective results.

Skull Shining Breathing is the way to put the growth of courage and self-confidence on the fast track. Ensure that you practice it twice daily or 30 minutes daily. The practice transforms us, brings peace to our mind, and awakens the conscience.

  • Stretch and Bow to let Fear Go

The practice of asanas strengthens the third chakra that is responsible for building courage. Practicing poses like yoga stretch and bow pose helps in opening the heart chakra which in turn, boosts energy, and helps to overcome fear.

Stretching poses helps to awaken the inner fire or Agni, which builds strength within, tones the belly, boosts mental and physical stamina, and relaxes the body.

Bow Pose again helps with the opening of the heart chakra, which helps to cultivate better digestion, empowers the being, and leads to living a free life.  Yoga teacher training in india

  • Welcome the Truth

Generate inner and outer awareness with meditation practice and slip into the present. Meditation goes deeper of your conscious mind mending mental chatter, restlessness, and encounters the subconscious mind allowing your psyche to cleanse itself of the fear. With meditation, you can deal with the psychological patterns of yours, primarily by finding the part of you that is not touched by fear, and simply try to get rid of it.

Yoga Builds Self Confidence

In today’s time, we are all well aware of the infinite benefits of yoga from the body to mind to soul to emotions. There are certainties that land us feeling anxious, fearful, and hamper our confidence. The ancient science of yoga helps us to overcome our fear and build confidence using its best techniques involving asanas, pranayama, and dhyana.

A lack of confidence usually boils down to fear, and as human beings, we all have certain fear and insecurities. These are arranged in our subconscious minds from an early age like fear of the failure, fear of rejection, fear of a person, or fear of the unknown. These lead to lack of confidence and hold us from doing something in our lives.

  • Improved Fitness and Posture

When our bodies look and feel better, it automatically elevates the mood, and we start to feel good about ourselves. Yoga makes you fit and healthy, both internally and externally. Whether you’re well aware of the ancient science or a novice, yoga lifts the inner energy allowing oxygen flow to reach muscles. Similarly, the body posture has to do a lot with the personality that boosts our morale and confidence, both inward and outward. Yoga helps on this ground too correcting your posture, alignment, and keeps the body healthy.

  • Self Acceptance

With acceptance comes confidence, we all have certain limitations that often brings along insecurity and fear. But we as an individual need to understand that if we have limitations, we too have capabilities and these qualities make us unique and different from each other. We have to embrace both to maintain a healthy balance and try to enhance our capabilities that surely support in confidence boost. Yoga ignites awareness that builds self-acceptance, and we gain a higher level of understanding over the body and mind. With this understanding, we appreciate ourselves and waive off negative thoughts.

  • Improved Mental Strength

The other thing to blame is stress, which is a part of our modern day lifestyle. It fatigues our entire being leading towards low self-confidence, and can also cause serious health issues from muscles aches to depression.  Yoga reduces the stress, de-cluttering all the mental anguish making us more relaxed. Yoga practice brings oxygen to the muscles, and you feel a flow of positive energy throughout. It also teaches us to stay calm in a stressful situation and overcome bad memories.

Yoga heals the mental wounds rebuilding self-confidence. The practice lets you experience a feeling of completeness both physically and mentally.


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