Yoga and its effects on sex life

Yoga centers on posture, positions, breath and creating a balance of energies within a person’s mind and body. Keeping this in mind, it is quite apparent how yoga functions in our lives. The basics of yoga, and its very ground that every asana, posture, a sweaty body, conscious breath control, an increased pulse and the release of incredible hormones in our body, are a perfect confluence of actions. This confluence is in perfect alignment with the nature of sex. Yoga is congruent with all that is raw and beautiful about sexual intimacy. The physiological aspect alone increases the harmonious blending of bodies and love. Without this, a balanced blend of our hormones, our sex drive will be greatly lacking, and open doors towards dissatisfaction. It’s this balance that stabilizes our emotions and sends messages to our bodies as to when we need to rest, and also when we’re ready to go.

When one begins practicing yoga, the various asanas help in asserting the right amount of pressure on certain, specific glands. This leads to better performance by these glands, which can regulate endocrine function for women. And what does this do? It balances out their hormones and thus, gives women more of a drive toward their partners.

If a female’s hormones are unbalanced, the endorphins produced to get that ‘rush’, which we often enjoy during sex (or other extended exercises), turn off.

Which is quite a pity? But put your worries at bay, because yoga will save the day! Just as yoga is essential to create a holistic fusion of our mind, body, and soul, a healthy sex life balances all the parts of our body.

Yoga asanas ensure ways for increased sensuality and development of all our sensations. It gives us a sense of all our body parts, including the erogenous areas. Several meditation series, bring us in touch with our mind and body, making us observe whatever is taking place inside the body. Breath and stillness, together, bring in an element of sustenance of sexual energy.

The asanas also help us tone our muscles, making us fitter and capable of flexing our muscles whenever required. Just as having good core strength takes the pressure off of your back, several other muscles in our bodies, when strengthened, can be employed for a better sexual experience. A well-toned body can flex the muscles whilst executing the positions with vigor, and reveal more. Obviously, a great body will not only enhance your time of ‘love’, but it will also win the admiration of your partner.

The rawness of yoga exercises brings out a glowing attitude and helps steam up a person’s sex life. It creates a balance in energy rhythms, creating an even distribution of energy and a better sexual experience. Several abdominal exercises are known to lead to boost orgasms and encourage sexual feelings. It also increases endurance in bed and enables longer sexual sustenance.

Yoga asanas greatly improve blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is one of the major reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. Yoga is known to regulate instances of high cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular yoga practice is shown to promote a healthy distribution of blood in the body. This helps not on with arousal but also in sustaining the erection longer. It is only the most effective and natural way of boosting sexual preferences.

A major inhibitor of sex is stress. And as we all know, yoga enables a deeper level of relaxation in our minds, along with our bodies. Deep relaxation is the secret to great sex, as it helps to draw blood towards the central body, making it available to the genitals. This doesn’t happen when we’re stressed as blood gets concentrated to our limbs instead. This extra blood aids erections in men, and in women, it enables increased clitoral sensitivity and vaginal lubrication.

Yoga is the partner to sex, making the effects of yoga in our sex lives extremely positive. It makes us love ourselves during a practice which can translate into loving our partner more. This is what makes the accomplishment of rolling out your mat, spending an hour or so in mindfulness produce an erotic high, in and out of the bedroom.

Yoga can set us on a path that brings us methods which we can adapt and experience to benefit ourselves. It switches our state of mind and harbors a beautiful sexual bond with our partners and helps us grow our love.

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