Why Global hospital Mumbai’s considered as the best

Established in the year of 1996, the Global Hospitals is known to be ranked as fourth largest healthcare Indian chain. There are number of diseases which are considered to be incurable in past times. With the advancement of technology it has become possible to cure them in an easy and effective way. Global Hospitals Mumbai has a wide range of the professional stream of doctors who deal with such problems in people belonging to any age group.

The hospital chain is associated as a part of the Parkway Pantai Ltd.The said Parkway Pantai foundation is the region’s largest private integrated healthcare groups with more than 22 hospitals.

What difference global hospital makes for its patients?

A doctor is a person who deals and diagnoses the children with human system related problems. Starting from headaches and ending to brain tumors, the neurologist knows the disease and the treatment for the same.  These problems if not treated on time may put life of kids in danger. Global Hospitals, Mumbai team of doctors do more than 18,000 successful surgeries every year.It is the first Hospital to have the Ambulance Service which is Two Wheeler also known as Global Accident Rescue Team (GART-)

Areas in which the Global hospital Mumbai deals in-

  1.       Headaches, migraines and such brain-related issues are tackled by the neurologists. The pediatric neurologist is even more trained to handle the sensitive bunch of the population- children.
  2.       It has been usually observed with having troubles in speaking fluently. They face troubles like slow speech or delayed speech. The pediatric neurologist diagnoses and works on these weaker areas of the child.
  3.       Behavioral disorders are one of the most common neurological diseases in the current generation. Sleeping disorders, insomnia, autism, school disorders, etc. are a part of neurological diseases.
  4.       Intellectual disorders and mental instability is a major neurological disorder that develops at a very young age. Pediatric neurologists help the child with counselling and medication to improve the mental state.
  5.       Nerve and muscle disorders- The nervous system doesn’t happen to function properly in this case. A neurologist diagnoses the precise area of the defect and treats it with medication.

The experiences team of Global hospital Mumbai has an immense knowledge of the diseases, treatments, prevention’s and cure of the ailment. In professionalized Global hospital Mumbai, there are either a group of people who form a team with many different specialists or just individual specialized doctors working on different ailments of the child. The team of Global hospital Mumbai are always treated as people who take neonatal to adulthood. The nervous systems and the related issues are usually life challenging and can also prove to be fatal. So, treating the diseases or the ailments at the right time is very important for the kid and his further life ahead.

In some parts of India, there are specific Global hospitals meant for this purpose exclusively. The most common thing is a team of neurological doctors working on different sections of society. The pediatric neurological doctors are usually among the team in Global hospital Mumbai hospital. 

Global hospital creating history in organ transplantation

As the Global Hospitals, Mumbai is known for performing the “first” Single Lung Transplant,Swap Liver Transplantation, and first pediatric auxiliary liver and Minimal Access Lung Transplant Transplantation in India as well as in Asia, the hospital is also known for performing the firstPaediatric Auxiliary Liver Transplantation in Asia.

Center of excellence of Global hospital Mumbai

The Global Hospitals, Mumbai have a Center of excellence for Hepatobiliary as well as Liver Surgeries, Endoscopic Surgery Centre, Nephrology, Urology, Surgical and Medical Gastroenterology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Neurosciences, Bariatric Surgery as well as Robotic Surgery, Cardiology, Cardio thoracic Surgery, Gynecology, Oncology, Orthopedics well as Joint Replacement Surgery. There are wide number of satisfied patient testimonials the official website of hospital is having. This makes the hospital first choice of person who is suffering from any such issue.

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