Who is the Best Psychologist in Mumbai

What is psychology?

Psychology is a scientific study of human mind-brain and behavior. Under this, all aspects of thoughts, emotions, and periphths being transformed into functioning are analyzed in a scientific way through various assessments and tests. Psychological knowledge is used to understand and diagnose problems in different areas of human activity. It also includes assessment and treatment of mental health problems.

Who is psychologist?

Psychologists have a degree of psychology and they are experts in behavior. Through scientific methods, they study the factors that affect the thoughts, views, feelings and actions of a person. Using evidence-based strategies and interventions, they help people cope with the challenges and help them to cope with issues related to relationships such as relationship problems, parental issues, challenges of adolescence, and the effect of lifestyle on lifestyle , Chronic illnesses etc. Psychologists use their skills to work with people who are battling mental disorders such as anxiety, nervousness, food disorder, panic, fear disorder, addiction etc.

Although the basic science and structure of this subject is the same, psychologists also treat people in different areas.

Types of Psychologist

  • Clinical Psychologist: Psychologists try to reduce stress, psychologically improve health. Psychologists who study abnormal psychology treat patients who are suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, and other diseases.
  • Counselor or Counselor: Works with people who are not infected with any illness but they have mental health problems. They treat internal problems that cause an imbalance. They work under various types of problems, such as the state of mourning, issues related to past and present relations, behavioral problems etc. Counselors or counselors help people to change their tendencies, to quit smoking or to spend their lives in a more meaningful way.
  • School Psychologists: They work between children and adolescents and help them in their ability to learn and develop. They also work in educational institutions or in government institutions that make educational policies.
  • Forensic psychologists: are involved in psychological aspects of legal processes. Apply the principle in criminal investigations, understand the psychological problems related to criminal behavior and provide treatment to criminals. They are also called Criminal Psychologist, Legal Psychologist or Criminologist.
  • Neuro Psychologist: The brain and its neuro work on relationships between psychological functions. Such as sight, memory, smell etc. They also help in the rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries or other neurological disorders such as visits, dementia, tumors, and other cerebral ailments.
  • Occupational / vocational psychologist: To help organizations achieve superiority from their employees, their efficiency increases and employees feel a sense of satisfaction with their work. Psychologists who work in this field help in making strategies to motivate the staff, to appoint the best people, to equip individuals with new skills, plan for sportsmanship, and deal with redundancy. They design and use psychological tests to measure the suitability of a person for a particular job.

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