Who Are The Best Orthopedic Surgeons In Delhi?

What is Orthopedics?

Orthopedic surgery is the branch of surgery that is related to those damaged or sick bones, joints, muscles, nerves and tissues, in which it is possible to produce dysfunction or impairment in the function.

The second major contribution of disabled surgery is in the treatment of crippled people. This is mostly due to acute polyology (poliomyelitis), or childhood stroke, or children born with cerebral palsy. In such situations, some of the muscles needed for hand use or locomotion have not been developed, or they are paralysis. In order to work in place of these paralysis muscles, surgery by physiotherapist as well as physical therapy (physiotheraphy) and education is helpful in removing the effect of disability.

The main hierarchy of treatment of surgical disorders, is that they are:

  • Joint diseases: These diseases are caused by bacterial infection, or damage, such as fracture, dangerous sprain, or frequent damage.
  • Bone diseases: Can be caused by infection or damage. Bone development can be affected by the dislocation of endocrine secretion, antirachitic can be affected by vitamin deficiency and tumor.
  • Diseases of the disease or skin, tendon etc. near the muscle joints can cause deformation of fragile tissues. The shrinkage caused by damage can be prevented by the sterilization of the wound and, if necessary, subsequent proper skin, or tissue grafting, can also be done. Some types of contractions can be corrected by gradual stress. The lubricant lubricants located on the infected or damaged bursae and joints are often due to causing disorders such as inflammation of the foot, swelling of the menstrual cycle.
  • Under the disease of neurotransmitters, there is an inhibitory damage (obstetric injury) in the system, the severbial lesions and infuntile paralysis of necrosis. Pediatric traumatic stroke is a very infectious epidemic, in which the muscles produced by the sick nerves are paralyzed and are incomplete infectious epidemic, in which the muscles produced by the sick nerves remain paralyzed and remain atrophied.
  • Most of the deformities are static and are fused with wrong analogy. Flat feet, round shoulders, and hollow back etc are due to general embryonic development.

Congenital disorders are due to abnormal embryonic development and are not well understood due to them. The club foot flat feet, the dislocation of hip, the spinal cord diseases are the other common melodies that are treated under disability surgery.

In the treatment of tuberculosis of bones and joints, the use of proper antibiotic and the treatment of sick tissue has been revolutionized with the technique of excision. Now the limbs return to normal state in a few months, whereas earlier it took years.

Now the mystery is no longer the spinal canal. Tuberculosis, which puts pressure on the surgical spinal cord without any anxiety, can remove the wreck of pus, which may otherwise cause paralysis of the lower end; Or remove the tumor of the spinal cord, which can cause the pressure of the pressure or the paraplegia of the feet. Many fracture patients are good with maladaptation (cure) and many are good and many are not good (inconsonation). Fractal segments can be brought directly by different surgical procedures and can be healthy by keeping needles, strings or metallic staples, in proper condition.

Transmission of bones and joints is affected by antibiotic. It’s a matter of satisfaction, but when the transition becomes chronic, antibiotics do not reach the tissues. As such, there are such irreversible variations that restrict the activities of joints and cause deformity. In such a situation, the joint which causes pain in the activity, can be fixed at a predefined optimal angle (arthrodesis) or arthroplasty can be done if the movement of the joint is intended.

The aspect of prevention in other branches of medicine is of importance. Now disabled surgical operators are also conscious and alert towards the prevention of malformation and skeleter deformation. An attempt to emphasize the importance of right anatomy for the prevention of disease is continuously going on. It has also been found that some changes in growth are due to damage to various epiphysical centers and these centers can be protected only during the period of active disorder. Due to these efforts and the method of securing these aged centers, preventive disabilities have become very important.

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