Learn ! What to do if you suddenly get heart attack

By the way, heart attack disease is becoming a common problem nowadays. And in our India, it has become quite common. Most of the young people are experiencing a lot of heart attacks. So let’s know about its symptoms and treatment: –

Heart attack symptoms

Difficulty breathing

If you have a person experiencing difficulty breathing or is feeling bored. So understand that he is going to have a heart attack.

Dizziness of the patient

Let me tell you that during the heart attack the blood circulation is stopped and then the brain gets dizzy due to the lack of oxygen. And if the patient falls, then it is understood that he is disturbed by heart attack only.

Chest pain

If there is sudden pain in the chest then the chances of heart attack increases.

The patient’s life can be saved

> Do not procrastinate at first, call a doctor and ambulance to your home immediately.

Whenever a heart attack comes suddenly, it should be coughing loudly. This is the easiest and effective way to avoid heart attack. Cure should be so loud that the salivation should be removed from the mouth. After this long breathing and deep breathing, and immediately go to a nearby hospital and get proper treatment.

> If the patient is unconscious, then check her breast. For this, check with the fingers or ears near his nose whether the lunatic is running or not.

> If the pulse of the patient is running then it is okay but if the heartbeat is not turned on, then you will not have died. Long breaths in her mouth

Check the patient’s pulse If the patient does not even breathe and his pulse is not coming, then give it a CPR. Keep your left hand straight for the CPR, keep the fingers in the right hand over it, lock the fingers. Now bring the hands between the chest and press the chest with your full pressure. The most important thing is that you have to give 100 compressions per minute. Keep compressing until the patient is conscious or the doctor will not come.

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