What is Hyperparathyroidism and what can be its level?

Know what happens during hyperparathyroidism and what are the treatments available for this!

Contrary to thyroid disease, problems of parathyroid gland are not known. This gland secretes parathyroid hormone (PTT), which plays an important role in maintaining calcium balance in the body. Dr. Ritesh Agarwal, thyroid, endocrine, breast and cancer surgeon at SR Raheja Hospital, is telling you what is happening during hyperparathyroidism and what treatment is available for this.


What can be the level of PTH level?

Calcium is stored in bones, the main function of PTH hormones is to break the bones and release calcium from the bones. When PTH works normally, calcium balance can be easily maintained. However, increasing its level of calcium releases rapidly from the bones, causing bones to be weak. With such a long period, you may have osteoporosis and other orthopedic problems.


If excess calcium is accumulated in the stomach, then it can increase the extra production of acid, which leads to hyperacidity, which is a common symptom of hyperparathyroidism. If it gets accumulated in the brain, it can affect the functioning of the brain and can increase the risk of mental illness. With blood, calcium can go into kidneys and cause kidney stones or deposits in pancreas becomes pancreatitis.


Is Hyperparathyroidism Necessary Surgery?

Surgery can not be done until the problem is confirmed. If a gland has increased, then minimally invasive parathyroidectomy surgery can be taken, however, if more than one gland is activated, then all four glands should be examined so that it can be known to remove which gland is to be removed. Surgery should be supervised by an expert because parathoidoid tumors are very small.

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