Top 10 Eye Hospitals in India

Glaucoma- a leading cause of blindness 

Glaucoma is an eye disease that is because of the damage of the eye’s optic nerve due to fluid builds up in the

front part of the eye. The fluid that builds up increases the pressure in the

eye and which leads to damage of the optic nerve. However, Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in elderly people and can be prevented with early treatment.It is considered as the serious eye condition and a main cause of blindness by the damage of optic nerves. This optic nerve is responsible for carrying information from your eyes to the visual center in the brain. This damage to

the eye leads to permanent vision loss. The common type of glaucoma does not show any kind of early warning signs so that it can be detected easily. It can only be detected during a comprehensive eye test and if left untreated it at first cause peripheral vision loss and after that lead to blindness.  

Leading causes of Glaucoma and risk factors

The main factor and leading cause ofGlaucoma is the elevated pressure in the eye, which leads to damage of the

optic nerve. There are some risk factors which are very important for you to

know as awareness and early detection of Glaucoma is necessary because it is the best way to treat it successfully. However, everybody is at the risk of

Glaucoma, but specific people are more prone to it and which needs the checkups at

. Some risk factors include:

  •       People With more than 45 years of age
  •       Family History of Glaucoma
  •       Diabetes
  •       History Of elevated intraocular pressure
  •       A Decrease in rigidity and corneal thickness
  •       Any Kind of injury to the eye
  •       Farsightedness Also known as hyperopia

Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment

Your eye specialist will review your

medical history to diagnose Glaucoma. He/she will also conduct a comprehensive eye examination by performing various tests. Some tests include:

  •       Testing For optic nerve damage by diluting eye
  •       Measuring Intraocular pressure
  •       Measuring Corneal thickness
  •       Inspecting The drainage angle
  •       Checking Areas for vision loss

 Best eye hospitals in India to treat Glaucoma

If eye doctor diagnose the Glaucoma

at an early stage, it can be prevented so that you can be safe from vision loss. This Can be tested by lowering your eye pressure. The treatment of glaucoma totally depends upon the patients. However, treatments include prescribed eye drops oral medications, surgery, laser treatment, or else combinations of any of the above-listed treatments. We have listed for you some of the best eye hospitals in India:

Bharti Eye Hospital, New Delhi

  •       Established In 1985
  •       Recognizedand accredited by NABH, AAI, BHEL, ECHS, DDA, FCI
  •       Counted as one of the top ten eye hospitals in India

Eye Q Hospital,Gurgaon

  •       Established In 2007
  •       Hospitalis today a chain of 44 super-specialty hospitals in India
  •       Itis harnessed with the newest equipment to all kinds of eye-related procedures 

Shroff Eye Hospital, Mumbai

  •       Established In 1919
  •       Firsthospital in India to get accredited by the JCI (USA) since 2006
  •       An Appropriate place for getting surgeries for various eye conditions

Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

  •     Established In 1978
  •       Accredited With NABL and NABH
  •       It has won many awards

Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

  •       Inaugurated In 1976
  •       Hospital Has four eye banks
  •       Hospital has won many awards

 However, damage caused by Glaucoma cannot be reversed, but regular checkups and treatments can slow down the diseases and also prevent vision loss. Though it shows no warning signs, it is risky as lostvision cannot be restored. The only way to prevent Glaucoma is to visit the best eye doctor in India for a routine check-up and eye tests. The best eye doctor can only spot the warning signs of glaucoma and start treatment to prevent vision loss. The above list of best eye hospitals in India will surely help you out.

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