Three signs to know to visit the top Gastroenterology Clinic

Wrong lifestyle, incorrect and poorly chosen food habits and lack of exercise does create various types of health issues among people of all ages. A good number of people are suffering from gastrointestinal issues and do require to visit the best gastroenterology hospitals in India. A good and reputed gastroenterology clinic is said to treat and diagnose various types of stomach and intestinal problems.

Some signs to know when to visit the gastroenterology hospital

There are few signs, which when faced should make the person to take note of it and to visit the gastroenterologist immediately to avail proper and timely treatment.

  • Diarrhoea & abdominal pain: No more has the person to suffer from frequent diarrhoea or abdominal pain. Such indicators if is faced together is likely to be signs of the person suffering from IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease). People suffering from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s, considered to be the common IBD types might experience rectal bleeding that could lead to developing anaemia. Diarrhoea and constant pain leads to loss of weight. To determine IBD to be cause of pain, the specialist will perform various types of tests. In case, the person tests positive then medications will be prescribed including immunosuppressant drugs and anti-inflammatories. But again, if abdominal pain is faced persistently, then the problem might not be restricted to just inflammatory bowel disease and something much more than that. For some, the issue can be peptic ulcer sign. Ulcer is considered to be a sore that develops within the stomach lining or the small intestine’s upper portion. Several causes have been cited for ulcers to take place including smoking, alcohol, excessive NSAID medication usage and bacteria. Even people suffering from stress in excess are likely to develop ulcer. It is with antibiotics that the treatment begins. Also there will arise a need to reduce or eliminate fully the circumstances which cause soreness. In some extreme cases, surgical remedy will be necessary as the digestive tract may be blocked by excessive presence of scar tissue.


  • Heartburn: The stomach may at times feel that burning sensation that can shoot up to the throat or probably settle right under the sternum in the chest region. It is considered to be a common sign for gastrointestinal issue. Often it is a symptom of acid reflux. Besides experiencing burning sensation, the person may also develop trouble swallowing or have dry coughs that are simply not going away. Bad taste or excess saliva may develop in the mouth due to acid reflux. If heartburn is not treated quickly, then there may be experienced considerable damage. The oesophagus might be eaten away by the acid or ulcers may develop in the stomach. The acid, in rare cases, might also develop cancer. Further damage can be stopped by visiting the specialist, who will determine necessity of surgical remedies and to tighten up the muscles along the stomach and oesophagus region. This will help stop upward flow of acid.


  • Constipation: One particular gastrointestinal disease which people are likely to suffer from is inflammatory bowel disease, which can be quite painful if left neglected and untreated. Constipation is even regarded to be a common problem faced by majority of the men and women all over the world. Laxatives are considered to be a common form of treatment to do away with this ailment. But those who are said to self-medicate are said to face some problems, which is overuse of laxatives, which in turn may have that opposite effect. It is necessary to understand that every person’s body is quite different. Movement frequency for the family members might not simply match the persons, also he/she is part of this family. It is for this particular reason that it becomes crucial for the person to understand his/her regular bowel movements. If any changes are noticed or constipation experienced, then it will be wise to speak to the doctor.

The best gastroenterology hospitals in India are likely to have all the resources that are necessary to treat different types of intestinal problems. Irrespective of the problem, being serious or mild, the doctors at the reputed hospitals are specialists in the domain and are sure to provide the best possible remedy.

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