Spine Tumour Treatment: Robotic Assisted Surgeries

Spine tumors can be non-cancerous or cancerous in nature. These ailments can be better treated with robotic assisted surgical procedure. These modern and the latest scientific procedures do play a significant roe to treat patients suffering from metastatic or primary spine tumors. Robotic assisted spinal surgery is fast becoming the most popular of all options available to treat tumors. It is noticed to show promising results by improving accuracy of spinal instrumentation and reduces potential complexity. One can avail this treatment and enjoy low spine tumour surgery cost in India.

About robotic surgery

Robot assisted surgery or robotic surgery is considered to be a combination of skilled programs using high-end computer enabled programs to treat patients and provide remedy and relief from such ailments. This amazing technique has given surgeons with ample support with 10x magnified 3D and HD images of spinal anatomy including other body organs, thereby assisting to fix correctly the ailment. Using the console, the surgeon can be termed to be in full control of the plodder and has the ability to manipulate specific surgical instruments and tools, which when compared to the human hand are smaller in size. The surgeon’s hand movements are replicated by the robot, thus eliminating signs of hand tremors and even the smallest chances of error taking place during the entire procedure. It also helps the surgeons to avail excellent dexterity and precision, thereby assisting to manage all complex procedures.

Some benefits derived from robotic surgical procedures

Robotic assisted surgeries can be termed to be among the most advanced procedures available to treat spinal tumours. It comes along with numerous benefits, of which some are given below:

  • Less risks or infections since the approach is found to be minimal invasive and done through robotic surgery.
  • Less trauma or stress and the patients opting this particular procedure do not experience any pain.
  • Higher success rates enjoyed with limited complexities when compared to conventional procedures.
  • Requires less or no blood transfusions and also experiences less blood loss percentage.
  • Requires short hospital stays after surgery.
  • Quicker recovery
  • No scar signs of the procedure can be noticed. Also, the patient does not have to undergo any kind of incision or face after-effects.
  • Greater flexibility amount in surgery provides smarter control.
  • Higher safety and security level to suit patient comfort.

Robotic surgery procedure

This advanced procedure to treat spinal tumors does help the surgeons to have proper vision of the areas that needs to be operated upon. They also have better and smarter control over the console and carry out this complex and sensitive procedure with great care. It also helps to derive minimal invasive and much safer approach towards the patient and complete the procedure quickly. The surgeon during the procedure operates using the console that is equipped with two of the master controllers. It man oeuvres its 4 different robotic arms. The surgeon is able to get clear and concise 3D, high end HD quality spinal images and view the tumor. This way, the surgeon is in a better position to fix the issue full and final. The advanced computer software does help the surgeon to direct the different hand movements, so as to perform very precise operation.

High quality, Low Spine Tumor Surgery Cost in India

India in the last few years has managed to become the Mecca of healthcare. There have emerged numerous hospitals across the country to cater to the different ailments faced by patient. These hospitals do boast of having the latest stated of the art medical equipment and devices and at par with their western counterparts. What makes the Indian hospitals unique and the most sought after by patients across the globe is its using of advanced medical equipment, highly skilled doctors having international certification and almost every type of disease being treated here. Added to high cost surgical operations and other remedies provided, is the low cost of all the medical facilities availed here.

Robotic surgical procedure for spine tumors definitely is not an exception. The competitive infrastructure present with the leading hospitals here does help the domestic and foreign patients to avail the very best medical facilities and treatments at affordable rates.

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