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Cardiology is a study that particularly deals with the issues faced in the blood vessels and heart of the
human body. Adding to it, specialists who are trained in the respective study have in depth knowledge
of the heart functionalities and possible mechanisms to treat the issues faced by the individuals.
Who is a cardiologist?
Cardiologist is the doctor who is skilled in treating heart and blood vessel diseases in a human body.
Doctors having specialization in the study of heart structure and functionalities of cardiovascular system
actually perform therapies and diagnostics on prevention of vascular issues.
Get in touch with the best cardiologist in Delhi
Though Delhi is kind a hub of all the super specialty centers but frankly In case of emergency it really
gets difficult to figure out the best doctor. We have got a simple and easy go process to help you reach
the fastest and feasible health services in emergency cases. Credi health is an online platform that
provides medical assistance and is highly known for its quality services .For example if you are residing in
Delhi and some of near one feels any cardiac issue, just go to the respective platform and request for
ambulance service and the rest of facilities like appointment booking would be provided by the credi
assistant if required.
Why credihealth?
If we talk about Simple and sorted platform, yes credihealth it is! Every required service is available on
just few clicks. Features like online appointment fixing with best cardiologists in Delhi, avail a wide range
of discounts and cash backs on the same, step wise procedure for comparing treatment costs of
different specialty centers and nearest ambulance service availability on the location you are residing
in, all at one platform and rest is taken care by the credi assistant . Best part is you need not to worry for
choosing the best cardiologist, the one with maximum percent of recommendation can be selected or
rest is your choice.

  • Symptoms of cardiac issues –
    Sudden feeling of discomfort or pain in chest can be an initial stage of any cardiac issue.
    Anxiety and shortness of breath can be silent killing symptoms.
    Continuous cold sweating can be a symptom for heart attack.
    Severe pain in arms and blood pressure imbalance is also a symptom.
    Sleep issues and lethargy can are also a symptom for cardiac issues.
    Preventive measures for cardiac issues
    Instead of carbohydrates start taking fiber rich diet, it can help maintaining weight and
    triglyceride level in body.
    Limit the cholesterol rich diet to avoid artery issues.

Start working out on daily basis to avoid laziness.
Start taking light food in dinner to avoid cardiac risks.
The above mentioned symptoms and preventive measures are taken from the good books of doctors
mentioned in list , Below is the link that can help you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle to avoid
cardiac and other health related issues.

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