Repeated urination, causes and remedies


The mechanism of our body is such that after eating food, the body absorbs essential nutrients and exits the toxic substances from the body through the stool and urinary tract. So when the urine starts, then the bathroom should be immediately opened. Preventing urination is not good. Excessive urination can also be a sign of illness or any illness. Sleep also gets spoiled if you have to get up to urinate again and again. The reason for excessive urination can be physical and mental. This problem can also be caused by fear and stress. Today’s article is about frequent urination and its home remedies.

Reasons to Repeat Urine

– Reduced urine storage capacity in the bladder or it becomes more active, due to frequent urination.

– A diabetic patient has to go to pee more.

– Drink tea, coffee, and alcohol and drink excessive urine.

Urine is high even when there is the worm in the stomach. In particular, children get to see them.

– Prostate gland increases even if it grows.

– The medicines given for treatment may also be the reason for going to the bathroom. So talk to the doctor about this.

– Even in winter, urine is more.

– It is natural to have this even after pregnancy.

Learn About Urine Infection Treatment

 remedies for more urination

– It is common for the elderly to have urine repeatedly, so they should drink milk after sleeping in the night before sleeping.

– It is possible to treat everyday apples and carrot juice.

– The spinach also reduces the problem of excess urination. So eat it in the evening and make it a vegetable.

– If grapes are repeatedly due to urination, grapes gain benefit.

If you eat two bananas after breakfast, the problem of getting more urine will be reduced.

– Drinking a pinch of turmeric in a pinch, drinking water becomes more complicated.

– Eating lentil pulses can get rid of this problem.

– Regular eating of gastric fenugreek seeds, there is no problem of frequent urination.

– Eating 2 times a day 3 pistachios, 3 silks and 5 black pepper gives comfort.

– By making sesame laddus in the winter season, the problem of urination increases further.

– Eating curd reduces the incidence of bladder’s harmful bacteria.

Ayurvedic treatment of urination

– Little children urinate on the bed. If you feel that he is pissing more then throw nuts and 1/4 teaspoon and give milk. This will benefit in 3 days.

– Take 5 grams of pomegranate peel with fresh water, it takes less than 2 times a day to get urine repeatedly.

Mix 1 teaspoon celery in a pinch of salt and drink it with water. By taking this remedy twice a day, it will decrease urination in a few days.

– difficulty emptying the stomach 2 regular intake of leaves and 1 teaspoon honey basil will be reduced.

– Amla Puran bike with molasses, or 2 amla juice 4 day morning and evening will reduce urination drink frequently.

Eating roasted gram with jaggery also benefits. It takes 10 days to relax.

– pH of urine half teaspoon baking soda 1 drinking glass pouring water becomes balance.

– the urine comes much tea, coffee, should be avoided cold drinks and beer. Consumption of foods containing Vitamin C is beneficial.

Identification of disease with color of urine

The color of urine tells a lot about health. Therefore, the color of the urine should be known about the health information.

– There is no need to panic if there is a yellow yellow urine. But dark yellow color shows the lack of water in the body. If the color of urine is deep, then you should drink more water.

– then the urine color red should have medical check-ups because it can come from the blood into the urine kidney, bladder, uterus, prostate or any other reason.

If the color of the urine is dark red, then it is a sign of serious illness. Infection in the liver is the cause of infection, hepatitis, cirrhosis or any other serious illness.

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