Eye, nose, cheeks and tooth are a major contributor to our personality. If any of these things gets worse then our beauty gets stained. Like our teeth. When someone makes a glitter and glowing teeth, the heart becomes happy. At the same time, when the tooth is yellow, we feel embarrassed. In such a case neither can be frankly laughable nor approach anybody. So let us know what are the factors that make our teeth yellow. Due to yellowing of teeth Due to continuous consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, gutkha, paan and tobacco, the teeth become yellow. Behind every problem related to teeth, we have a bad lifestyle and modern living style. Due to poor lifestyle, we are not able to pay attention to health. Never brush or do not brush by eating food. Not only this, teeth are yellow but it also spreads stomach in the tooth. Tea, coffee, soft drinks or cottage cheese can also cause damage to your teeth. Many times it is also genetic, that is, if somebody’s teeth in your family are yellow then it is possible that your teeth also become yellow. Age is also a very big reason. As doctors believe, your age increases as teeth become yellow. Some medical conditions and medicines also cause the tooth yellow. Due to the high levels of fluoride in the water, the yellowing of the teeth and the smell of mouth begins to come. Due to excessive consumption of blueberries and cherries, teeth are yellow. As we all know that tobacco food is harmful to our body. Not only this, it also bans on our laughing and smiling. Its intake makes our teeth yellow. Also read :-

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