Pulmonary embolism Symptoms, Treatment, Complexities

Pulmonary embolism is a very dangerous disease. This disease occurs when more than one pulmonary arteries are blocked in the lungs. Pulmonary embolism is also known as clotting in the lung vein. There have been very few cases in which it causes the lungs to come from other parts of the body, otherwise in most cases blood clots blocking the arteries, due to which they travel from foot to the lungs, are due to them.

If the pulmonary artery stops blood clotting, then the blood flow between the lungs and the heart stops. If blood flow between the lungs and the heart stops, there will be nothing left in the person, which is why many times it also causes death of individuals. If the appearance of the clot is slightly shorter, then the flow of blood does not stop but it is slowed, but the blood is not able to reach the lung even after being slow, and when the blood does not reach the lungs, its walls die Goes. But if the clot itself dissolves there, then it can cause more problems to the person.

This is the disease which can be caused by blood clots, due to Deep Wayne thrombosis. These blood clots that are most form the deep nerves of the feet, but sometimes they also come from other parts of the body, and this situation is called Deep Wayne thrombosis.

The symptoms of pulmonary embolism are most likely to come out in a sudden manner. If the flow of blood in the lungs stops, then it becomes difficult for people to breathe. This can also increase the beating of people. This can cause inflammation in the surrounding tissues of the lungs and heart valves, and this may feel extremely painful pain.

Friends, some blood clots also dissolve on their own. But if you have problems with Pulmonary Embolism, then the chances of getting it again from you are also very high. If the investigation of pulmonary embolism is done in the beginning, then it is treated with antitoxic medicines. These medicines not only make the clots bruised, but also reduce the chances of new clotting.

Symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism; –

The symptoms of this dangerous disease are the following.

  • Feeling tired of breathing.
  • Sounding while breathing
  • Staying in tension and anxiety and walking with it or dizziness etc.
  • Chasi with blooded mucus or without it
  • Feeling sudden shortness of breath
  • Yellowness of the skin or the skin of the skin, as well as becoming sticky.
  • Too much perspiration
  • Increasing heartbeat and pulse becoming sharp and irregular
  • There is no unexplained pain in the side, chest, throat, shoulder, and jaws.

Due to the pulmonary embolism; –

Pulmonary embolism can be the following reason.

The person who writes the book, or the person who receives the message, will be able to visit the hospital.

Enabled for Longer Symantec


Using contraceptive glands

Hormone replacement therapy

Pregnant women have some days before the child is concerned about the chances of getting sick

Heartache or Fever Stroke’s History

Recovering from the cynical Keith Katha Pathak again

Neither any type of bottle or light emerging

investigating the pulmonary embolism; –

The treatment for pulmonary embolism is based on the seriousness of its condition. This disease is identified by the tests given below.

Do the feet of the legs or lungs.

Foot Ultrasound

Pulmonary angiogram

Lung scan

Cicyscan (computed tomography).

Different types of blood tests

Complexities in pulmonary embolism; –

The complications that occur in this disease are the following.

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • To be shocked
  • Pulmonary hypertension

The sudden death of the heart attack or sudden death.

Not being able to work in any part of the lungs, in such a way, we are also called pulmonary infections.

Formation of any type of liquid between the thoracic cavity and the outer lining of the lungs

Treatment of pulmonary embolism; –

If a person suddenly feels swelling in the legs then there may be trouble for breath after it is better to consult an experienced vascular surgeon before the person suffers from respiratory problems. Due to this, a dangerous disease can be avoided. As we said that blood clots are accumulated in this disease, the first treatment is to give the medicine to dilute the blood. And sometimes the condition worsens, therefore the operation needs to be taken to eliminate the blood clots in the lungs of the blood vessel. In addition, with the help of angiography, blood clots are removed from the tube. During treatment of pulmonary embolism, full attention is taken on the action of the heart and lungs and it is important to have a modern ICU for its treatment.

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