Neurosurgery: Know the different types of diseases which fall under it

The human nervous system is made up f two crucial parts, namely, the spinal cord and the brain. It tends to act as relay system, transmitting various types of information to the different body parts as required. The body takes the necessary actions, since it is provided with such crucial information by nervous system and needs to follow it. It is into two sub-categories that the system has been divided into, namely, the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. Together, they ensure that the body is functioning properly. But this system is hampered from carrying out efficient functioning due to the emergence of few types of diseases. Neurology is termed to be that branch of medicine that deals with diseases and conditions arising in the nervous system. If the patient requires surgical treatment, then it is neurosurgery that comes into play. If diagnosed with nervous problems or diseases, then it will be wise to contact the best neurosurgeon in india to get advanced treatment. 

Some common conditions dealt by the qualified neurosurgeon

  • Pituitary tumour: Those tumours which grow within the pituitary gland have been referred t as pituitary tumour. They are mostly non-cancerous type and do not get spread to the other body parts. In such conditions, the glands tend to produce low hormone levels and symptoms might not be noticed in every case. Some symptoms associated with tumours are sense of cold feeling, vision loss, headache, etc.
  • Epilepsy: This is termed to be a neurological disorder, where the brain’s abnormal activities cause seizures. Unusual behaviour is noticed, thus causing loss of awareness and sensation. The symptoms experienced by the patients are found to be of varying intensity. There are some who seem to stare at blank space, while others twitch their arms. If such issues last for over 5 minutes and on its stopping, if still the person does not return back to normal consciousness, then it becomes important to visit the doctor immediately who is specialized in the field. Such issues are linked to different factors like brain conditions, head injury, genes, etc. 
  • Brain tumour: This condition takes place due to cells functioning abnormally in the brain. it might develop at some other parts of the body and then travel towards the brain or can simply grow in the brain region. Malignant tumour is found to be of cancerous type, while the benign is of non-cancerous type. The growth rate again depends upon the tumour extent. This growth tends to determine the tumour’s function. Few tumour types are brain metastases, meningioma, glioma, etc. It takes place if DNA mutation shows some error. Some symptoms noticed can help identify the issue like nausea, onset of headache, seizures, vision problem, vomiting, etc. 

Few common treatment options available

There are currently available various types of treatments to do away with the issues faced. These are:

  • Deep brain stimulation: This surgical procedure is recommended to treat Dystonia, OCD and Parkinson’s disease. In specific parts of the brain are implanted electrodes, which are said to produce electrical impulses. This in turn helps regulate abnormal impulses, which again is controlled through a device that appears similar to that of the pacemaker. Some side effects might be noticed after having the surgery like temporary pain arising from the region of implantation, stoke, headache, infection, seizure, etc.
  • Epilepsy surgery: This surgical procedure is recommended to manage seizures. Its main objective is to eliminate the specific brain part which is known to cause seizures. In case of vagus nerve stimulation, there is placed a device beneath the skin to lower onset of seizure. This is achieved by providing an electrical jolt. The infected brain tissue part is cut away to treat temporal lobe epilepsy. This method does help to remove focus of seizure. 
  • Brain tumour surgery: This surgical remedy is recommended to remove tumour that has grown in the brain. the type of surgery to be conducted will depend upon the tumour grade and type. The doctor rather suggests this procedure as the first form of treatment. Different surgical remedies are available. The brain parts which control language and senses are identified with cortical mapping. Craniotomy helps to open up the skull. For this anaesthesia is first given and incisions are created in scalp region to remove maximum tumour possible. 

The best neurosurgeon in india is sure to help the patient to do away with the neurological issues and lead a normal life.

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