How These Habits Could Make Your Brain To Age Faster

When you listen to the term ‘aging’ – either skin or knees click your mind. But have you ever thought about your brain could age faster? Yes, you read it right. There are some habits that could make your brain health decline with age.
From your daily schedule to eating habits, these factors can make an adverse effect on your brain health that leads to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – quite earlier. Stress, not getting enough sleep, poor lifestyle choice play a supporting role as well. This is a situation to be worried about – if it runs in your family.
So, think wisely before you start your day related to your morning workout, what you eat throughout, how much you stress yourself – as it directly relates to declining of your mental health.
You must be pondering what could be done to make it right as a brain is the complex organ of the body. Well, it’s on you how you can take it. Yes, that’s a good news. You can prevent your brain from aging faster. All you need to do is to follow some health habits under the expert advice by your neurologist as follows:

  • Socialize: Nowadays, people hate to socialize much and end up canceling plans at the last minute. If you need a break – alone, go ahead, give yourself some time. But don’t make it a habit – every time. It’s okay to socialize for the healthy and long life of your brain.
  • Unhealthy meals especially Dinner: It is a truth that good food cheers your mood. We all tend to follow a healthy meal cycle throughout the day – healthy breakfast, nutritious lunch. When it comes to dinner, we get bored out of following a proper, healthy diet and end up having unhealthy dinner. Hence, try to feed your brain nutritious meals – as often as possible.
  • Staring at your screens before bedtime: Staring at your phone, laptop or TV screen at bedtime affects melatonin production making you insomnia and sleep deprived. This bad habit can also stop the production of sleep hormones. Hence, make distance with your gadgets before making it to the bed at night.
  • Late Night Sleep: Going to your bed super late makes a bad night followed by a bad morning. There is a heaviness in your brain that badly affects your brain health. If you’re getting seven hours of sound sleep, then make a routine accordingly to avoid further problems. During sleep, your body releases hormones that have a major role in body appetite and other critical functions related to your brain and health.
  • Skipping Exercise Routine: Aerobic activities regulate capillary growth in your brain and body. It has been said that exercise-induced capillary growth is responsible for an adequate diffusion of oxygen and essential nutrients which also raise muscle blood flow levels. If you aren’t able to make time for exercise, make time for walking, jogging or swimming.
  • Quit Smoking and Alcoholic Products: While it’s okay to have a glass of wine or a beer along with a puff of cigarette – occasionally. However, try to avoid such hazardous things even if you consume it in a limited quantity. It directly affects the functioning system of your brain.

Remember to follow these things, involve it in your routine, make it a habit, lead a stress-free, healthy life – your brain will thank you, later.
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