How To Teach Preschoolers To Share

When your child goes to preschool, he or she gets exposed to other children. Initially, some children may feel strange around other kids because they haven’t yet developed the habit of sharing. However, the whole idea of providing a fun preschool environment is helping kids develop their social skills. 

So, you need to look for the best preschool in Delhi where your kid can obtain proper guidance along with enjoyable activities. That way, developing collaborative and sharing skills becomes easier. 

Along with that, you can follow these methods to encourage your child to share things with other kids:

  1. Seek out various social situations for kids

You have to think of some social situations where your kid can get exposure to positive encounters. So, a trip to your local playground, a park or children’s museum would be a great idea. There, you need to gradually encourage your kid to share his or her toys with others, indulge in group activities and wait for his/her turn. 

  1. Set a good example

Preschoolers learn a lot by mimicking the behaviour of their parents. So, you need to set a positive example for your kid by sharing your stuff with your kid and other family members. For instance, allow your kid to share your favourite place on the chair or share the last piece of cake. Similarly, there are many small things you can do at home to cultivate a sense of sharing in your child. 

  1. Play games that require taking turns

Games that require taking turns are excellent to teach patience and sharing. Tossing or rolling a ball works really well. You can also say “it’s your turn now” and “It’s my turn now” when playing a game. Your child will do the same when playing games at his or her preschool with other kids. It would be better if you can include other kids or family members to create a large group while playing games. And, make your child responsible to remember everyone’s turn. This could be done with the game of rolling the dice, drawing cards and many other activities. 

  1. Read stories about sharing

Storytelling is one of the best ways to teach good values and habits to your child. They work way better than giving instructions in building positive characteristics. You can select stories about sharing and read them to your kids. Whenever a crucial moment occurs in a story, ask your child to predict what a character would do or feel. Then, read further to reveal what happens next. This story reading method will allow your kid to resolve a lot of confusion about engaging with people. 

  1. Use food to build sharing

If your child doesn’t like sharing his or her stuff, food is likely to be one of those things. You can positively reinforce sharing by using food as well. For instance, tell your child to give 5 strawberries to every person sitting at the table. 

Become creative and look for other ways to cultivate the habit of sharing in preschoolers. 

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