How To Get Relief From Muscle Aches And Pains?

Muscle pain, also termed as myalgia, can develop in any part of the body. It happens due to stress, overexertion, injured muscle, or infectious tissues. Every individual experience aching muscle covering a small area or the whole body that could lead to some severe conditions such as influenza or fibromyalgia, if ignored.

What are the causes of Myalgia?

Stress, minor injuries or hectic schedule make an impact on a smaller area or just a few muscles.
A person suffers from a systematic muscle pain when the whole body is affected as a result of some infection, illness or a medicinal side-effect.

Some of the common causes of Myalgia are:

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome: It is an exercise-induced muscle damage when a compartment fails to reinforce increased muscular volume or pressure. It is common in athletes who participate in activities like running or stretching. One of the common signs is burning sensation or cramping in the affected area – mostly, the lower leg.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A condition characterized by extreme exhaustion, overexertion, fatigue, sleeping disorders. It generally hits women between the ages of 19-40 years.. Although the root cause is unknown, could be due to environmental or genetic factors.
Influenza: A commonly spread viral flu that attacks nose, throat, and lungs. People with a weak immune system are infected by this infectious flu. Some of the common symptoms include chills, muscle pain, fatigue, cough, headaches, congestion.
Myofascial pain syndrome: It is characterized by intense pressure on the muscles of the sensitive parts that lead to chronic pain in the asymmetric parts of the body. It can be treated by physiotherapy, prescribed drugs to relieve pain,
Fibromyalgia: Widespread muscle pain followed by stress, lack of sleep, depression, mood swings. Medication, counseling, talking therapy could bring relief to a person suffering from fibromyalgia.
Lupus: Lupus is followed by a weaker immune system when it attacks its own tissues. It infects lungs, kidneys, brain cells, joints, skin. Depending on the area affected, its symptoms are joint pains, butterfly rashes, fatigue.
Muscle Cramp: A sudden, painful contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. Physical activity for a longer period is one of the signs of muscle cramping. Generally, cramps happen in leg muscles along with a hard lump of muscle beneath the skin of affected area.
Sprains and Strains: Stretching or tearing of ligaments in the ankles – Sprain, while tearing of muscles or tendons in the lower back or back of the thigh – Strain.
Self-care: A muscle pain developed during a physical activity signify a strain or sprain. A R.I.C.E. therapy should be followed to cure injuries caused by arthritis or overexertion:
Rest: Give your knee some from normal activities.
Ice: Place ice or a frozen bag of peas several times a day.
Compression: Wear a compressive bandage to reduce swelling.
Elevation: Keep your affected area elevated for regular blood circulation.

When to visit a doctor

A normal muscle pain from a minor injury can be naturally treated using simple home remedies or a pain killer. Severe muscle pains often require medical attention. You need to consult a right doctor if you have muscle pain associated with:

  • Labored breathing,
  • Dizziness,
  • Muscle weakness due to prolonged fatigue,
  • Stiffness,
  • Prolonged bouts of fever and chills.

When a person undergoes the above-mentioned causes of myalgia or any deformity related to the bones or muscles, then he needs to visit an orthopedic doctor. India is a hub of the cost-effective, hassle-free medical treatment including orthopedic treatment in Kolkata, or any other kind of treatment.

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