Home Remedies for Stomachache-Dr. Randhir Sud (Gastroenterologist in Gurgaon)

Why does stomachache?

There are many reasons for this. It is better that you first show the doctor and make sure that this is happening due to the formation of such a gas. If you do not eat properly, too much fried or spicy food and live in stress, then gas can become stomach.


It helps in digestion. Eating fennel gives relief from stomachache, stomach bloating and gas. It is often mixed with sugar. You can also boil it in hot water.


If there is pain in the stomach then keep a small cardamom in the mouth. Cardamom does not work only with taste and aroma, but it is also a very effective medicine.


It is also beneficial for the digestive system. A mixture of ginger and garlic in Indian cuisine is also used because the stomach is fine. But in the summer, both of these should be used less.


It is believed that if the chapati of coriander mint regularly is done with food, then the stomach diseases are kept away. The pain in the stomach is not necessarily to be taken in the market, the bullet should be taken in the market, fresh leaves can also be boiled in boiling water.


This is a great spice of the kitchen. It also keeps the stomach fine Apart from this, taking the oats with warm water also benefits. Hot water is beneficial in every situation.

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