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Heart is basically a muscular organ which  is a powerhouse for blood supply in a human body , blood vessels are the mode of blood flow followed up with regular contractions , generally known as rhythmic contractions. Heart as an organ comes under the category of circulatory system.
Cardiologist is the doctor who is trained to treat the diseases related to blood vessels and heart. The study of heart related diseases , treatment and prevention of the same is known as cardiology.
Searching for heart disease treatment in Kolkata?
Kolkata is a place where actually 61 % of deaths are caused by cardiac issues. There are several reasons behind this percentage result. Though if we compare the nowadays scenario with the previous one  many habits and habitats of humans have changed there including the lifestyle and eating habits too. If you are a resident or an outsider and require an emergency heart disease treatment in Kolkata we have got a sorted platform for you , “credihealth”.
Why credihealth?
Credihealth as a platform for searching , booking or knowing the best doctors of the area you are residing in. To optimize the search process credihealth provides a listing of best cardiologists in Kolkata even with the features like settling up appointments with doctors from super specialty hospitals, management of medical loans if required, ambulance provision in case of emergencies and compare the treatment costs of different specialty centers. Star factors of choosing credihealth is it avails you offers like cash backs and discounts on the online bookings you do for the appointments.
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Common heart diseases

  • Coronary Artery issues: Major reason is increased level of cholesterol and plaque in the human body leading to hardening and narrowing the blood vessels and arteries. Result of this is simple blockage in blood flow.
  • Hypertension: Occurs generally at the age of 40 to 50. Increased pressure on heart can lead to heart stroke and failures .Symptoms are nose bleeding and nausea.  
  • Strokes: Nerve cell gets dead in this case due to the effect of violations in cerebral circulations and continuous blockage of blood vessels in a human body. Symptoms are numbness in body parts.

General symptoms of heart diseases

  • Severe chest pain can be the indication of heart issue in human body.
  • Sudden pain in arms and fluctuating blood pressure of a human body is a symptom of heart issue.
  • Continuous burning in chest and foot swelling are also the symptoms
  • Lack of physical activities in daily routine are the biggest reason .
  • Drowsiness and insomnia are again a very alarming conditions to indicate cardiac issues.

Healthy lifestyle tips to avoid heart diseases.

  • Adding few set of exercises or yoga can be a very beneficial part.
  • Taking plenty of liquid and fiber based nutrients in diet.
  • Avoid food with high cholesterol content.
  • Body weight management is a very important step to avoid cardiac issues.
  • A straight no to smoking and alcohol is a big plus!

To get a detailed vision of what more steps can enhance a particular human’s life style visit the link given below.

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