Heart Attack – How to Cure One

When there is a problem in reaching the heart, then there is a danger of a heart attack. A heart attack should be treated on a timely basis like Heart Attack, or it can prove to be fatal.

Treatment of heart attack is a problem, due to which the common man can not afford it easily. Therefore, under such circumstances, this heart disease is life-threatening. You should know what measures are there to protect against heart attack? There are also domestic and Ayurvedic remedies for heart attack, which it is possible to treat.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

– Breathlessness
– Sweat more
– Chest pain or irritation
– Jiggle and vomiting
– Head twinkling and unconsciousness
Feeling nervous
– Pain in the stomach

Due to a heart attack

– High blood pressure
– High cholesterol
– obesity
– Do not work with the body
– Diabetes
– Genetic reasons

Ayurvedic Treatment of Heart Attack

With the help of yoga, Ayurveda and domestic remedies, around 80% of heart attack attacks are avoided without angioplasty. These ways also reduce other heart diseases. Effective measures have been mentioned in Ayurveda to stop a heart attack.

To open the heart blockage, the acids that are produced with lubrication are eliminated, causing heart diseases to end. Diseases of the heart are due to acidity. Acidity is a problem related to the stomach, when it increases in excess then it gets acid in the blood. Which leads to blood acidity.

When this acidic blood does not flow further in the blood vessels, then there is a problem of blockage, which causes heart attacks.

To get Ayurvedic treatment of heart attack, blood acidity is recommended to eat alkaline substances. By eating alkaline foods, the acidity of blood decreases and the blockage opens.

– The gourd is an alkaline vegetable. Eating gourd vegetable, gourd juice or raw gourd decreases blood acidity. Bitter or gourd should not be consumed.

– Basil leaves also have alkaline properties, which can be drunk by mixing it with gourd juice.

Along with gourd and basil, mint is also made of alkaline properties. You can take more benefits by mixing basil and mint in gourd juice. There is no harm in drinking by adding rock salt to taste.

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