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But, the title actually originated from the Latin word for dogs – canaria. Likely, the true title developed through the resident sea lions on the island, which the Romans called sea dogs.
Initially just the rich owned canary wild birds

The domestic canary comes from a songbird species which originated in the Azores, Madeira, while the Canary Islands.

They were taken to Europe by Spanish sailors and possess been bred for his or her gorgeous voices since the 17th century. Just the men sing, so they really were in short supply and incredibly expensive, meaning initially just they could be afforded by the rich.
The islands are closer to Africa than Spain

The Canary Islands lie off the northwest coast of Africa, very near to the equator. This place permits their year-round, gloriously hot and sub-tropical weather. They sit simply 100 kilometres from Africa but 1,056 kilometres from mainland Spain.

However, they take care of the Spanish language and its own delicious food.
The Canary Islands have the greatest point in Spain

The Spanish mainland holds the majestic Pyrenees Mountains, but the peak that is highest in Spain is regarding the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Mount Teide, also known as El Teide, is just a volcano that is dormant 3,718 metres high. Additionally it is the highest point above ocean level on some of the Atlantic islands, and the 3rd biggest volcano in the world.

Tenerife's volcanic history has generated fine black colored sands on lots of its beaches, going for a really look that is distinctive.
The world’s telescope that is biggest is into the Canary Islands

The Roque de los Muchachos Mountain regarding the island of Los Angeles Palma houses the observatory associated with name that is same which holds the Gran Telescopio Canarias - GTC telescope.
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Four years following the fall of Granada as well as the reunification of Christian Spain, the Catholic monarchs could now celebrate among the nation’s first imperial exploits – the subjugation in only 94 several years of a Atlantic that is small archipelago by Neolithic tribes. However, the Spaniards had some difficulty in completely controlling the Guanches. Numerous declined to settle within the towns established by the colonists, preferring to reside their lives that are traditional of reach of the authorities.

Nevertheless, the Guanches were destined to vanish. Although available hostilities had ceased, the conquistadors proceeded shipping them as slaves to Spain. Remaining Guanches had been converted en masse to Christianity, dealing with Christian names while the surnames of these new Spanish godfathers.

Some of the slaves would be permitted and freed to return to the islands. Even though almost all them were dispossessed of the land, they quickly begun to assimilate aided by the colonisers. All that comes down to us today are the islands’ many Guanche place names within a century, their language had all but disappeared: except for a handful of words.

From the early sixteenth century, Gran Canaria and Tenerife in particular attracted a reliable blast of settlers from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and also Britain. Each area had its own neighborhood authority, or cabildo insular, although increasingly these were overshadowed by the Royal Court of Appeal, created in Las Palmas in 1526. Glucose cane was introduced from the Portuguese area of Madeira, and soon sugar became the Canaries’ primary export.