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An abnormal cell growth leading to a major decrease in an individuals body potential Is known as cancer. It actually involves a group of two or more diseases contrasted together in the formation of benign tumors which actually do not spread to other body parts  but occur in the form of lumps and other different forms.
Forms in which a cancer can occur at initial stage

  • Lump formation at any body part.
  • Unexpected weight loss.
  • Prolonged Cough issues.
  • Changes in bowel  movements
  • Itching or continuous burning at a particular place.

What is Oncology?
Study as well as the treatment of tumors is termed as oncology, basically practiced to deal with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer in humans.
Why does cancer even occur?
Though world is digitizing but things left behind once remain always untouched, Developing a strong immune system is a primary responsibility of  every individual to its own. Habits of Indian citizens may it be in eating, working out and other always remain unbalanced or we can say changes according to mood!  The quality and intake of the diet of an average age citizen is somewhere equal to IT WILL WORK like attitude but actually, it does n’t and this level of carelessness leads to Cancer. Advanced treatment of cancers in Kolkata like cities have enlisted some of the major reasons of the same disease seen in the patients asking for medical treatments. Below are some of the listed ones.

  • Access smoking and drinking habits.
  • Prolonged Depression issues even can lead to cancer in future.
  • Radiations from any nuclear plant can be a reason for cancer.
  • Nutritional carcinogens can be a reason for cancer in an individual’s body.  

Natural cancer-killing cells
Cancer treatment in Kolkata has now become really advanced and a very interesting fact has been revealed out of the research of highly skilled oncologists that immune system in human body monitors the respective other cells with an existence a special cell known as oncodisor or T-cells. These work as on surface receptor checkers to improvise the natural killing performance. Selenium is the uniting material which increases the cytotoxicity of natural killers to kill cancer cells.

How credihealth can help?
Booking appointments online with the best oncologists in kolkata, comparing treatment costs of various specialty centers with several discounts getting emergency ambulance services, and cash backs on the appointments, different features on a single go. More than this, you need not to worry for choosing the best doctor out of the list, there is a section showing percentage of recommendations.  The one with maximum percent, you can go with that. Choice is yours!
Preventive measures

  • Practice of regular workouts.
  • Nutrient rich diet according to the age factor.
  • Weight normalization is the key to get rid of all diseases and cancer is the one.
  • Avoid food with nitrite content.
  • If you find any prolonged itching , consult a doctor immediately. Never linger it !

If cancer is treated at initial state, then it is curable if not then practices of chemotherapy are done for the patients survival. Chemotherapy involves a process of reducing the negative effect of malignant tumors on the patient body caused by the parasitic agents , the agent performing the procedure is known as chemotherapeutic agent.

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