Brain Boosting Habbits – tips and tricks


Occasionally it comes to the mind that how much work is the brain, even by being small it also controls our entire body. We can not even imagine the power of the mind, it always works for us. When we need the brain, it remains present, everybody is tired but the mind keeps on moving.

The brain never tires

That is different from the fact that when we are tired of being brainwashed, it is said to myself that today the mind is not working, but we are wrong. At that time the mind is still running, it is taking thousands of thoughts. At that time even then all the worries in the mind are going on, all the thoughts that we want to accomplish but due to fatigue, the faults give to our mind.

Facts of science

Do you know that according to the science, every human being has a similar mind in the universe, how to be used and capable, it depends on different people. Perhaps you might be surprised to know but it is true that there is no limit to remembering things with the mind.

Mind misses countless things

Yes You can fill thousands of things, millions or even millions of things in your mind. The brain will never say that I am full and can not remember any more things. It is only our mental condition that we do not repeat things again from time to time, forget them.

Brain capable

Our brain is capable of remembering countless things, then why do we forget things? Not long after some time, but after a few moments many times we can not remember the things correctly.

Eyes seen things

Science believes that what has been seen in comparison to hearing is better remembered, but sometimes it happens that we forget about the things seen in a few moments. It is impossible for us to not completely remember it at least in the same form.

Ability to remember

Today, we have one reason to keep these things in mind, some time ago, a report published in BBC Online reads in which it was written that how we can remember things from a simple perspective for a long time. Today, the same report is going to share with you here.


According to a report printed in BBC Online, researchers Chris Birds researched the brain forces. In his report, the question has been raised that what is the reason behind which we can not remember things for a long time.

 Why do you want to forget

Birds say that sometimes we see a scene from the eyes, but once again, when someone asks us to explain the scene, we tell it in a broken and flimsy way. Actually what happened after the incident, we can not remember properly, why so!

Immediately after watching the scene

Bird also researched some people to find out the answer, as well as to solve the problem. Under this research, he asked some people to watch some videos on YouTube while staying within the brain scanner. Immediately after watching the video, for at least 40 seconds, to repeat the scenes of that video in mind.

With this, the birds got it that soon after watching the video, when people explained their own scenes to the video, they succeeded in remembering it better. When asked in the video bar a while later, without explaining the mistake, he explained the video correctly.

What is the reason

The reason for this was that the birds told that when they were watching the video, they were probably doing it, but when they were asked to remember him immediately after watching the video, they started their real process. In this process, he added one scene of the video to the brain, created a story from him and this story finally came to him as a complete video.

An example of sharpening the mind

According to the birds, this method of remembering things is quite a work. For example, if you have become the sole witness of an accident, you see that incident decreasing with your eyes, but gradually the time has come to give a statement, the incident scenes in your brain become dim

You also try

If he adopts this method of remembering things at that time, he probably will never forget that incident. According to the birds, only half a minute after the incident is enough to be able to remember that scene for a long time.

Natural remedies for speeding up brain

But if you are interested in naturally moving the brain, then we can assist you in this too. The above mentioned solutions are the basis of a research, so that we can speed up our memory. But some natural herbs can also help you to stimulate your brain. Get a lift in the front slides …

Sharpen the brain with turmeric

Turmeric is definitely beneficial for enhancing the beauty or the taste of food items, but you probably do not know that this brain is too fast. The best part is that turmeric is also easily available in comparison to other herbs. You do not even need to make any kind of effort to get it.

Keep the volume right

Also, to speed up the brain. According to research conducted at the University of California, the chemical element found in turmeric helps to repair the damaged cells of the Kurukumin brain and its regular intake does not cause alzheimer’s disease. So you can drink it by adding it in warm milk, it will be beneficial, but keep in mind that do not do it everyday.

Sharpen the brain with nutmeg

Well, in Indian families, women also use a lot of nutmeg while cooking. But it is also used to speed up the mind, also know that.

Impact is hot

But like turmeric, hot water is also hot, so it is right for the body and mind to eat it in the right and the least amount. But it also helps in speeding up the brain. Eating it does not make you forget alzheimer’s disease.

Sharpen the brain with basil

Even before this, we have introduced you to many benefits of Tulsi, know today also another advantage. Tulsi, however, is helpful in treating many diseases, but at the same time there is also a well known herb to speed up the brain.

There are antioxidants

The powerful antioxidant dent in it improves blood flow to the heart and brain. Additionally, anti-inflammatory proteins that are found in it provide protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

Sharpen the brain with saffron

We know what is the price of saffron in the market at this time. It is also a difficult task to know that saffron is the real thing to get a ketchup filled with a good quantity.

To Avoid Insomnia and Depression

But do not be disturbed, because even some saffron will help you. Using less saffron than a pinch of milk or other foods, you get relief from insomnia and depression diseases. And such ailments weaken our brains.

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