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The teeth coming in childhood are called milk teeth. It is a misconception among people that milk teeth start falling after a time, so they are not required to treat diseases or insects etc. But after not getting proper treatment at the right time, the permanent teeth of the milk can not come properly after the milk teeth fall and they start to suffer from them initially.

Cranked teeth teeth of milk usually fall one by one at the age of 6-12 years and take permanent teeth in their place. If there is a worm in a tooth and the time for its fall is far away, then it is removed without treating the tooth. But at this stage, that place remains empty and there is problem of crooked teeth. This is why Permanent tooth can not take its right place.

Getting filling

Many times a worm in the teeth of milk or weakness, it is suspected to be present in the Permanent Teeth growing beneath its infection, so if you have a problem of worm, consult a dentist and fill the tooth in the tooth.

Investigation is essentially

An illusion that root canal treatment should not be done in children. In such a situation, the parents give only pain relief medicines to the baby’s milk teeth due to lack of information, the infection reaches the pulp (nerves) of the tooth and becomes a dental capsis (toxic element). For this, the root canal treatment of children’s teeth should be done which is a normal procedure.

Take care

To prevent dental problems from any type of disease, show at least twice the children to the dentist and consult your children between the ages of 6-12. If this problem is not treated in a timely manner, the teeth may be crooked or may have to have dental braces or wiring. Which is a long and costly treatment.

Parents should brush their children before sleeping in the morning and night since childhood and make a habit of rinse after eating sweet. Take vitamins, calcium, mineral containing fruits, green leafy vegetables and milk for the strength of teeth. Avoid sweet and junk food. Also, once every six months, do a check-up with the doctor. – Dr. Rajesh Koppikar, Dentist Specialists, Best Dentist in Mumbai

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