Best Knee replacement hospital in India

 When is the right time you need a knee replacement


The time you get out of the bed, or when you climb a few stairs, you experience constant knee pain, you should not take it lightly. Sometimes chronic knee pain isn’t normal and is not a sign of old age.  When you experience severe pain in knee i.e., the largest joint in your body along with trouble in motion and stability then you should consult the orthopedic doctor working in some of the best knee replacement hospitals in India.

Reasons why knees fail

The most common disease is Osteoarthritis which causes the breakdown of cartilage which cushions and supports the joints. Owing to this joint disease patients mostly seek knee replacement. Obese and overweight people are most likely tosuffer from this disease . If you experience severe knee pain at the time of doing any activity or at rest which decreases your motion and stiffness you should prefer knee replacement for sure.

Some facts about knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement is a surgery performed to replace the worn-out knee joint with an artificial joint known as prosthesis. It is very beneficial to get rid of pain and to restore your lost disabilities. The success rate of knee replacement is 95 percent, and is an excellent option for many people. Let us tell you some essential facts about knee replacement surgery that you should know:

The success rate is low

Knee replacement is considered as the most effective treatment for knees that are worn out or diseased. People who undergo this surgery able to perform their day-to- day activities actively and comfortably without any pain. It has a 95 percent success rates.


Bending the knee and sitting on the floor is difficult after surgery


This is a misconception that after successful knee replacement surgery bending the knee or else sitting on the floor is not possible. This situation entirely depends upon the quality of the surgery, the prosthesis which is used along with post-operative rehabilitation. However, several types of prosthesis permit the same range and quality of motion same as the normal joint.


In case the surgery fails, or any complications occur after implant there is no repair


In case surgery fails orthopedic surgeon will perform one more surgery called revision surgery after considering the reasons behind the complications.


 It takes time to recover after knee replacement


It is not true as it entirely depends upon the quality of surgery and care after it. Many patients recover back and enjoy day to day activities within a few weeks.


Replacement of both the knees is impossible at the same time


It is possible to undergo knee replacement surgeries of both the knees and also has many advantages.  Hospitals visits will be once, and the recovery is even faster.

The drive is not possible

After knee replacement driving is possible and in fact much easier as many people start driving within six weeks of surgery.

Age factor

Age is not the limit for knee replacement surgery as you can undergo it even if you are above 65 years of age. Actually after 65 is the age when cartilage gets damaged.

The body rejects the artificial joint

This is not true as an artificial joint is made up of special material which can be inserted in the human body. This can stay easily without causing any significant side effects.

Best Hospitals for knee replacement in India

  1.     Medanta- The Medicity , Gurgaon – serving since   2009
  2.   BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New DelhiEstablished in 1959
  3.     Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi- Established in 1996
  4.     Fortis Escorts Hospital New Delhi – Established in 1988
  5.     Artemis Hospital Gurgaon- Established in 2007
  6.       Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – Established in 1996
  7.     Indian Spinal Injuries Center, New Delhi- serving since  1997


 Knee replacement surgery is an excellent option to treat knee-related defects. There are benefits and risks for this surgery too. India has best knee replacement hospitals in India to plan for the treatment.


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