Best Diabetes Specialist in Delhi Dr. Arun Bhardwaj

Best Diabetes Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Arun Kumar Singh is a renowned endocrinologist and diabetologist in Delhi NCR. He practices in Delhi and Faridabad. He is not only an excellent professional but he is a good human being as well. He is a patient listener, explains all issues in-depth and cares for his patient’s health. He is loved and admired by his patients.

Dr. Singh has a rich clinical experience of more than a decade. He is a master in diagnosing and treating all endocrine disorders and manages poorly controlled diabetes very efficiently. His areas of interest are diabetes, thyroid disorders, PCOS, Growth hormone disorders, disorders of puberty.

Dr. Singh passed his MBBS from Grant Medical College Mumbai in 2006. Then he completed his MD in General Medicine at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. He underwent his training in Endocrinology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, Delhi) and passed his DM in Endocrinology in 2016. He has experience of working at world-class hospitals like AIIMS Delhi, Apollo Hospital Delhi, and Johns Hopkins International Medical Centre Singapore.

Dr. Singh has won awards for his research work at national conferences. He keeps himself updated with the latest developments in the field of endocrinology. He regularly participates in scientific conferences. He also regularly takes lectures for physicians and general practitioners.

Best Diabetologist in Delhi

Diabetes mellitus (or madhumeha or high blood sugar) is very common endocrine problem in our country. We Indians are at high risk of developing diabetes because of our genes, eating habits and lack of regular exercise in daily routine.

Type 1 diabetes generally occurs in childhood. Type 2 diabetes occurs in adulthood but can affect children also. Gestational diabetes means development of diabetes in pregnancy.

Diabetes is a silent killer. If left untreated for long time, it damages all organ systems and results in early death. Heart attack, paralysis, kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy, foot deformity & ulcer are common complications of poorly controlled diabetes. Every overweight/obese adult should get himself investigated for diabetes every 2 to 3 years to diagnose it early.

We offer all diagnostic and therapeautic services for all types of diabetes and it’s complications.

Best Thyroid Specialist in Delhi

Thyroid gland makes thyroid hormones T4 and T3. Thyroid hormones affect function of almost all organ systems of our body. Thyroid hormone imbalance can occur at any age but is more common in adults and elderly.

Thyroid Disorders Broadly Can Be Categorized into 3 Types

Goitre (benign or cancer)

Clinical condition of low thyroid hormones in blood is called “hypothyroidism” and high thyroid hormones in blood is called “thyrotoxicosis”. Hyperfunctional thyroid gland making inappropriately high levels of hormones is called “hyperthyroidism”. Hypothyroidism is most common thyroid problem and is more common in women.

Thyroid hormone disorders affect our health in negative way. They have impact on overall metabolism, mental health, sense of well being.Thyroid hormones also affect heart, muscles, bones, energy levels, sexual function, fertility etc.

Thyroid disorders in children affect their physical growth, mental growth and sexual development.

Usual tests to diagnose thyroid disorders are

T4, T3, TSH levels in blood
Anti TPO antibodies
Thyroid ultrasound
Thyroid FNAC
Thyroid scan / Thyroid iodine uptake study etc.

Treatment Options For Thyroid Disorders

Hypothyroidism is treated with thyroid hormone replacement.Hyperthyroidism can be treated with anti thyroid medicines or radio iodine therapy or surgery.

Thyroid cancer is treated by surgery followed by radio iodine therapy if required.

PCOS Specialist in Delhi

PCOS (more commonly known as PCOD) i.e. polycystic ovary syndrome is also very common endocrine disorder. PCOS is usually seen in young girls and adult women.

Symptoms of PCOS differ from patient to patient. Common symptoms are acne (pimples), unwanted body hair (male pattern hair growth), irregular menstrual cycles, infertility. With these symptoms, people with PCOS are also at high risk of developing diabetes and other components of metabolic syndrome.

Various other hormonal disorders present with similar symptoms like PCOS. Simple blood tests with ultrasound can help to confirm diagnosis of PCOS. PCOS can be managed efficiently with healthy lifestyle and hormone therapy if required. Treatment is directed to patient’s symptoms and treatment approach differs from patient to patient.

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