Best Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is counted among the highly preferred destinations or the cancer treatment in India. The reason behind is, cancer hospitals in hyderabad are affordable with respect to every parameter. This includes the availability of therapies, technicalities, advanced tools and the infrastructure. Also in Hyderabad, a good success rate of cancer cases has been seen. Although cancer is nowadays a very common condition among Indians and the sad part is India is counted among the top three highest in cancer deaths country in the world. The graph points towards northern regions and the estimated forecast shows more than a 25% increase by the year 2020 in India. To control the continuous raising level, one should know about every cancer treatment available in India and also about the best doctors.

cancer hospitals in hyderabad


Hyderabad is a hub of corporate hospitals, you can avail all the treatments under one roof in different hospitals. Therapies and treatments include Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Targeted therapy, surgical methods and precision methods. Also, there are many stages where the body requires to undergo the combination of two or more than two treatments. Cyberknife surgery is the latest non-invasive and pain-free therapy being used in the Cancer hospital in Hyderabad.


It completely depends upon the stage of the cancer patient, for example, the average cost for a breast cancer treatment requires 5-6 Lakh including surgery, investigations and radiotherapy. In addition to this 6 cycles of chemotherapy cost up to 22 Lakhs. We have listed some of the best Cancer hospitals in Hyderabad below, Have a look.

  • Apollo hospital Hyderabad
  • Omega hospital Hyderabad
  • Krishna  hospital Hyderabad
  • Yashoda  hospital Hyderabad
  • Woodlands  hospital Hyderabad
  • Citizen  hospital Hyderabad
  • Little Star  hospital Hyderabad

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