About IVF and How it Provides Respite to Childless Couples

In recent times, IVF has increased in popularity due to advancements made in the fields of medical technology. The couples in huge numbers, who previously did not have a hope for having kids, are now provided with the opportunity to have their own baby. Visiting the best ivf specialist in New-delhi is sure to help the couple to realize their dream of becoming parents.

About IVF

It is the short form Invitro Fertilization. This process tends to take place within the lab setting. The term In-Vitro is taken from the Latin language, which means In-Glass. The fertility specialist would make use of specific techniques to unite the egg with sperm within a dish or a glass container. ‘Test Tube’ baby is a popular phrase which is derived from this particular process, although it can be termed to be a slight skewed description. The embryos thereafter get transferred into the uterus region. It was in the year 1978 that IVF was successfully used for the first time, after which thousands of babies were born through this fertility treatment.

Factors which make IVF possible

This fertility treatment is limited to certain people due to several factors which are given below:

  • Where the man is found to face problems associated with sperm mobility, with the sperm not able to travel through fallopian tubes or have low sperm count. It is essential to remove the sperm and place it with the egg through the IVF to ensure pregnancy.
  • Where the woman faces tubal issues and fallopian tubes have been blocked. In this case, the sperm is not able to move though the uterus. This requires intervention to ensure pregnancy.
  • Abnormal shaped uterus and fibroid tumours may affect fertility. IVF is possible in such cases.
  • Severe endometriosis might affect egg fertilization and also affect embryo implementation in the uterus. It is essential to control these steps with fertility treatment.
  • Most women do have ovarian related issues that prevent release of eggs. Extraction of eggs will be necessary to pair it with sperms.

Some conditions where infertility is found inexplicable and warrant IVF as relevant option for childless couples. It is after identification of the problems that that one should proceed with availing IVF facilities. The different stages are:

  • The first step involved in the process includes induction of ovulation.
  • The next phase involves retrieval of the egg.
  • The third step is fertilization and embryo culture.
  • And the last step is transfer of embryo.

Some tips to choose the best ivf specialist in New-delhi

IVF is an in-depth advanced medical process and is found to be effective for those couples eager to have a baby, something they are able to deliver naturally. It will be necessary to go through the tips given below to find a good and reputed specialist.

  • Clinic staffing: The staffs at the clinic need to be well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable about the procedure. The environment should be pleasant and the staffs should be courteous and helpful towards the patients. This shows a reputed and healthy IVF centre that can be trusted upon.
  • Regulation & standards: The clinic should have implemented good practice guidelines and the most appropriate measures. Also, they need to maintain records and follow data protection guidelines. In case of emergency, they should have in place proper contingency program.
  • Specialization: The clinic should have some specific specialization that is relevant to the couple’s situation. For instance, few clinics might undertake more of egg donation cycles than IVF cycles by using own eggs of the woman. Such clinics would have better experience to deal with queries and issues resulting from egg donation. It also applies to clinics that specialize in PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis).
  • Information on sperm and egg donors: There is a genuine need to find out about the clinic’s approach taken towards the donors’ welfare, the number of times donation is accepted, who the donors are, etc. Those planning to undergo sperm or egg donation treatment will find such questions to be relevant. How the donors are treated by the clinic will have an impact upon the decision to avail facility from it.

The top IVF clinic can be a life changer if selected properly and after deriving useful knowledge.

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