A Short Guide to Cyberknife Treatment

Modern technology and advancements in science has made it possible of healthcare providers to offer various types of medical treatments to patients of all types. One such advanced remedy is CyberKnife treatment. According to recent surveys conducted globally, CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India is quite low when compared to western countries.

About Cyberknife surgical remedies

Based upon radiosurgical principals, this form of surgery is considered to be a frameless type of robotic radiosurgery system to deliver stereotactic radiotherapy having the ability to provide treatment to cancer patients much more accurately when compared standard radiotherapy. This treatment is used to treat cancer by using high dosage of multiple radiations. It helps doctors to aim precisely at the tumor and not damage the healthy body tissues. There is not required any anesthesia, hospitalization or optimal post-operative care.

This surgery is rather a new procedure to take care of cancer and hence, is somewhat uncommon and also a bit more expensive. Rather, it is the only type of radiosurgery system that brings together a robotic arm, linear accelerator and image guidance system. Having unique abilities, it also helps to target tumors and lesions which otherwise is deemed to be unreachable by the other commonly used radiosurgery systems. It is stated to be the only system which can monitor continuously and make real time adjustments during treatment for patient movement. Because of high precision, this form of treatment targets only the damaged areas and does not cause any harm or affect the surrounding regions or tissues in any manner.

How this treatment is different from the other systems?

Even though radiosurgery is currently the most common form of treatment used for more than thirty years to treat benign tumor and cancerous growth. It is stated to be a new concept and is quite different from that of its counterparts. Instead of removing tumors, radiosurgery method uses radiation in high dosage to eliminate the tumor cells as well as prevent active cell growth. The linear accelerator produces multiple radiation beams that get directed within the body at abnormal growth. There are available different radiosurgery systems, with modified linear accelerators and Gamma Knife being the most widely used ones. Its main advantage is considered to be its precision. It enables the physicians to optimize the radiation amount to reach the abnormal growth and to reduce exposure to different healthy organs and tissues.

Some cyberknife treatment procedures

Cyberknife treatment method is found to function in two ways. The first methodology involves insertion of lightweight radiation delivery device on the multi-jointed robotic arm. It helps to reach easily the tumors in any body part. The second method uses image guidance system technique allowing tracking and allocation of the tumor with cyberknife therapy. It uses robotics and image guidance to maintain higher precision degree and is useful mainly for tumors close to important structures.

Benefits of cyberknife treatment

The major advantage derived from this treatment is availing low CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India. Also, there will not be required any hospitalization, incisions, cuts or anesthesia to undergo this treatment that makes it popular. It also means no need for recovery time and it is possible to resume day to day activities immediately. The treatment can also be undertaken within one to six sessions that could be performed same day or probably in different days, according to the convenience and comfort of the patient.

What does their surgical option treat?

FDA clearance is obtained by this system to treat tumors present in any part of the body. The surgery is also administered for benign and cancerous tumors. Treatment is provided to problems arising in all stages, right from I to IV (metastases). Given below are some treatments provided by using Cyberknife system:

  • Cancers developing in the brain
  • Lung cancers
  • Pancreatic cancers
  • Metastatic liver cancers
  • Cancers developing in the spine region
  • Benign brain tumors
  • Blood vessel malformation in the brain
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Metastatic orbital tumors
  • Orbital inflammations (inflammations or tumors around the eye)
  • Orbital lymphomas

Where cyberknife treatment is not used

Metastases or tumor larger than 3 to 4 cms is treated with IMRT, a similar type of radiotherapy. But it is not accurate like that of Cyberknife and if tumors are not found to be solid, then it does offer good results.

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