A Guide to Low Calorie Diet Recipes

What is the need for Low Calorie Diet Recipes?

Perhaps one of the most popular and effective weight loss diets is the low calorie diet. Because of the public’s growing interest on how they too can make use of this diet, low calorie diet recipes are highly searched for in the internet and most read in magazines and cook books. When you are planning on making low calorie diet, there are also several guidelines we may make use of to come up with healthy and tasty low calorie diet recipes.

What are Low Calorie Diet Recipes really for?

One of the main purposes why these recipes are made is mainly for people who want to shed off those extra pounds. The point of making recipes that are low in calories to help a person lose calories more than what he/she consumes. If a person loses more calories than his/her intake, that person will lose weight slowly or rapidly. But take note that these recipes are not the only reason why a person may drop weight. There are other factors to consider as well such as the person’s body type, how much weight he/she wants to lose, etc.

What’s in Low Calorie Diet Recipes?

Basically, low calorie diet recipes require the dieter to consume 1,000 to 1,800 calories. But as mentioned earlier, the amount of calories to take in will vary according to the person’s body type and the amount weight that the person aims to lose.

How do I start coming up with Low Calorie Diet recipes?

There are hundreds of recipes out there that are low in calories. Coming up with these kinds of meals are actually not that hard at all. It will require of us to first understand the principle behind low calorie diets before we start making meals that this type of diet requires. A low calorie diet works behind the principle that calories give us energy in order for us to do our daily activities and allow our bodies to function properly. Having said that, a person who lowers the intake of calories will let our body burn the stored fat we have making it as its energy resource thus weight loss happens.

Going back to the question, how do we start coming up with this kind of recipes? Here’s how:

Understanding the Calorie Counter:

It is very crucial to understand which foods are high in calories and which ones are not. These days, there are lots of books and articles on various websites that help us understand about calories. Find out more about calories and you will later on realize how much easier it is to tell which foods to eat and which ones should be taken with limits.

Find out the amount of calories you will be consuming daily:

A low calorie diet will require an inactive woman to consume 1,500 to 1,800 calories daily and for men with the same lifestyle, around 2,000 to 2,200. For people who are active and always on the go, from the numbers mentioned earlier, you may need to add 600 to 800 calories per day.

Make reading food labels a HABIT:

Now that you have understood how calories work, the amount you need to take in and the rest of the essential information, reading food labels won’t be such a daunting task. Be cautious if the calories that packed food has is quoted per pack, by weight or per portion.

Make your meals interesting by being involved with planning it with a dietitian:

If you find it really hard to come up with your own low calorie diet recipes, you may actually ask assistance from an expert dietitian. You need to be hands-on in coming up with your weekly plans so that you know what foods you will be eating and the dietitian may help you include your favorite foods as well and still staying with in your calorie limits.

Make your own food diary:

Your food diary will serve as a dual purpose. Here, you can write down the foods that you ate for that day and figure out how much calories you consumed. This way you can monitor your caloric intake. Its other purpose is where you can write down different recipes that you may come across with that you happen to see on TV, while you were browsing the web or you’ve seen in a magazine somewhere.

How do I cut out the calories in my diet?

By now you understand that in a low calorie diet you must consume few calories but burn more of them. If you plan on making your own low calorie recipes you may combine low calorie foods or even make sure that the recipe you are making is low calorie.

Go for low-calorie foods that are high-calorie tasting

Most people who are on low calorie diet tend to b “too safe” that they fear exploring other types of foods which are surprisingly low in calories. Examples of these foods are:

Lobster = 3 ounces contain 83 calories

Shrimp = 12 large pieces contain 60 calories

Whipped cream = one tablespoon contains 8 calories (perfect finish for fresh fruit desserts)

Pair high-calorie foods with low-calorie ones

Your recipes don’t necessarily have to be bland. You can actually combine a spoonful of ice cream with a bowl of fresh fruit. You may even have some chips for snacks paired with fresh salsa. Your fresh garden salad can become interesting by filling it with a little grated cheese.

Appreciate water

There’s no problem with drinking a glass of soda or fruit juice but no matter what, water will always be the best choice. There are even studies that showed sugary drinks despite the calories it contains do not give a sense of fullness compared to eating food and water is the best thirst quencher and does not add up to your caloric intake.

Eat 5 or 6 meals a day rather than three large meals (this includes snacks)

A 1999 South African study showed that men who ate their breakfast at intervals over 5 hours consumed 30% lesser calories at lunch. There are also other studies that showed that even if you ate same number of calories but distributed this way will let your body release lesser insulin helping you achieve a steady blood sugar level.

There are lots of low calories diet recipes out there that you can use for your daily meals. But it would really be best if you understood more about the diet and calories in order to not only lose weight in line with the diet but also with your lifestyle.

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