3 ways to increase fertility, will take effect in 30 days

Fertility is increasing due to the lifestyle and catering of nowadays. Dr. Firuza Parikh IVF Specialist in Mumbai at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, says that the problem of sperm count and poor quality of problems are very common in young men nowadays. After marriage, when there is a problem in becoming a father, such couples come to them, most of which are cured by the problem of lifestyle modification and healthy diets.

What is Male Fertility?

When a male is capable of a pregnant partner due to good sperm count and quality, it is called Male Fertility. Male fertility is affected due to things like erectile dysfunction, libido, sperm count loss, poor sperm mability, deficiency in testosterone levels.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Sometimes the problem of not having a long erection is also linked to the erectile dysfunction.

What happens to the Sperm Count?

A person may have a number of sperm from 15 to 100 million per milliliter in a seamen. The more sperm the better the fertility will be.

What happens to testosterone?

This is a stimulating hormone in men. Lower its level of fertility is affected by its level of leveling. The problem of erectile dysfunction may also be.

What happens Libido?

This is called a person’s desire for sex. Foods and supplements that grow by eating it increases are called aphrodisiacs.

If you have a problem of erectile dysfunction, libido, sperm count loss, poor sperm mability, deficiency in testosterone levels then you can an appointment with IVF Specialist. If you are frustrating in seeking the best IVF doctor then you can help a medical assistant company who book your appointment with a doctor then you can take easily consultation. Like if you live in Mumbai city and want to fix the appointment with IVF Specialist in Mumbai then you can do through the credihealth website or credihealth App and also get 50% Opd on your Appointment booking.


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